How Many Chinese Coins for Money Luck?

I started to experiment with the ideas in Lillian Too’s book Fengshui The complete Guide to the Art and Practice of Feng Shui. One of the ideas is to tie 10 coins together to stimulate the ten emperor coins. They symbolize the wealth of 10 emperors. If you are a business man, hang these coins on the wall near to where you sit, since this will create auspicious business luck.

I read somewhere or was under the impression that each of those coins should come from different dynasties for the ‘magic’ to work. I have only 10 identical coins and have some doubt on the validity of them.

I asked the Osho Zen tarot whether I should go with 9 or 10. 9 coins returned 10 of fire – Suppression while 10 coins returned 4 of clouds Postponement. Both cards look awful especially the first one with the word “Suppression” on it. I picked another 2 cards. 9 coins returned major arcana X of change. Interesting, it has this yin/yang symbol in the middle of the card. 10 coins returned queen of clouds Morality. Hmmm. I decided to confirm the message in Osho Zen with Rider Waite. 9 coins returned I The Magician while 10 coins returned 8 of Swords. Surely it’s too much of a coincidence that 10 coins returned all cards from the Swords suite? And the images on both Osho Zen and RW don’t look good.

On second look of 10 Fire Suppression, I wonder whether the reddish orangish ‘cracked’ lines represent prosperity in the oriental sense?

I decided to go with nine coins.

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