A Consultation that Went Wrong

I had one of those consultations recently that the client was unhappy with practically everything I said. 25 mins through the session, I suggested that the session isn’t heading anywhere and halted the session. Such incidents are rare.

I was driving home and made a mental note to examine the consultation chart to see if it says anything about it. Here’s my observations:

  • Moon is void of course, using the medieval definition. The principal significators i.e. the querent, ASC and ASC ruler, Venus is in its detriment.
  • If we use the orb of the Moon, the next applying aspect of the Moon is an opposition to Venus in its detriment in the 6th.
  • Lord 7th, signifying me is in its detriment and under the Sun’s rays. The Arabians also say that “If the Lord of the 7th unfortunate, or in his fall, or Terms of the Infortunes, the Artist shall scarce give a solid judgment.”
  • Unless the session is about relationships, page 122 of Christian Lilly says “You must also be wary, when in any question propounded you find the Cusp of the 7th house afflicted, or the Lord of that house Retrograde, or impeded, and the matter at that time not concerning the 7th house, but belonging to any other house, it’s an argument that the judgement of the Astrologer will give small content, or anything please the Querent; for the 7th house generally has signification of the Artist.
  • Deborah Houlding also say that she’s especially guarded where there is an elevated misfortune to which the Moon applies or separates from.

There you go. I wonder whether the session would have gone better if I had started the session 30mins later where

consultation chart
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