Will I be Relocating?

A client asked whether she will be relocating. Basically I told her that as of now, based on how things are going, no. My response was already confirmed by her before she asked the question.

Here’s my observations:

  • ASC ruler is Mars. Her main focus is on her career, her future. Mars is in combustion. She’s going through a bad time and feel unable to act perhaps because of her philosophy of life – Sun rules intercepted 9th.
  • Moon is on the 5th. Her unconscious focus is on her child(ren). Indeed, she has already told me, even before asking the question, that it’s not fair on her kids to relocate just because she wants to.
  • The country she intends to relocate to is signified by Venus, ruler of 7th. Venus is under the Sun’s beams. So, yes, the country that she intends to relocate to is great but she can’t relocate. Besides, Moon opposes Venus. By relocating, she stands to lose more than she gains.
  • Mercury conjuncts Venus. Mercury rules the 10th and 8th. So, there seems to be a career opportunity with the relocation which is causing her distress and anguish of mind.
  • No, I don’t see her relocating based on how things are going now. Mars doesn’t join with Venus. Moon has separated from Venus.

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