Where is the Rabbit / Horary

I haven’t seen a rabbit stuff toy for over say 3 months and I wondered where the rabbit is. It used to be in the guests’ room. I wondered whether there’s any visitors who took the rabbit home!

I cast a chart and here it is. Good news I thought! 2nd house ruler Venus conjuncts 1st i.e. me! The rabbit is very near to me! 2nd ruler is in Libra which signifies the west. I looked at the western part of the apartment and couldn’t find rabbit. I stopped looking. I wondered whether I should have considered the Moon instead. If it’s the Moon, alas! It’s in the 9th house of overseas and far away from me.

About 3.5 hours later, I found rabbit in a basket in the south-eastern part of the apartment. Hurray! What went wrong? Perhaps I should have considered the house of 2nd ruler. 1st house signifies east. So, mix west and east together and you get the center of the house which is the hallway. Hmmm, the rabbit is still in a basket that’s not at the south-eastern corner of the apartment. Maybe I can stretch it to say the center of the house.

I didn’t consider Libra as a sign which typically high airy ground or high airy places within any room. Actually, if there’s an airy place in the whole apartment, it’s certainly where rabbit was located. 3 flights of air!

So, astrology does work after all!

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