The Keys to Happiness

Recently I reread a book by astrologer Joanne Wickenburg. She wrote that it’s important to distinguish between the ruler of a house and a planet in a house.

For example, the cusp of the 2nd house is Cancer and Moon in Aquarius is in the 9th house. Sun is in Cancer and 2 house. The Sun rules the 3rd house.

Based on Wickenburg’s principles,

  • The skills to develop for financial independence (2nd house) is to nurture and grow (Cancer).
  • These skills are developed through activities such as publishing, acquisition of new knowledge, experiences, spirituality (9th house)
  • Those skills are developed in a thinking, independent and innovative fashion (Aquarius)
  • Until those skills are acquired, it would be difficult for the person to shine through his communication ability and intellect (Sun rules 3rd house).

As another example,

  • Until the person’s self-worth and self-esteem (2nd) is functioning properly, it would be difficult for his thoughts and communication to be effective (Sun rules the 3rd).

Wickenburg uses the concept of a landlord and tenant to illustrate her ideas. The ruler of a house is a landlord while a planet in a house is a tenant. A tenant is regulated or governed by the rules of the house as set out by the landlord. If the landlord is not doing too well in all aspects e.g. physically, mentally, emotionally, that’s going to affect his rental business and the tenant may suffer as a consequence.

Applying the landlord / tenant concept to the above, the person’s confidence, life direction and purpose (Sun) perhaps in writing and his thoughts (Sun rules 3rd) cannot be realised unless he is financially secure, has a healthy self-esteem and worth, and ascertained his values (2nd).

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