Consultation Chart – Carol

I don’t trust consultation charts 100% when I have the birth details of my client. However, after each consultation, I revisit the consultation chart to see if I could have trusted it.

Here’s my observations:

  • ASC in Scorpio – a time of great changes, emotional turmoil, transformations relating to one career, future or mother [ASC ruler MA in 10th].
  • Client doesn’t have the power to obtain her desires and will not listen to the advice of the consultation as truth will find a hard time finding its way into my client’s heart and ears. Strangely, this is true. I spent 1 hour 45mins with the client, almost twice the intended time and she doesn’t seem immensely appreciative. History repeats itself. I had done the same with other clients previously and I haven’t learnt my lesson.
  • She’s burned out by her career, future path. She can’t see clearly or at all. She’s weakened and unable to act
  • Her finances and work and health are at a all-time low as well. Mars rules 2nd and 6th as well and is combust.
  • She approached her child(ren) or something fun about 1 month 3 weeks ago and the latter didn’t enjoy it or appreciate her.
  • She’s really confused, almost in a stupor of some sort. Lost. Her actions and energies are unfocused. Could be related to her children or something of fun/pleasure. Or psychologically, she’s unsure of what brings her joy and pleasure.
  • Uranus is screaming from the 7th. Is there a separation? (She didn’t mention one). There’s a radical change in her partner, relating to fun, pleasure or his friend. Her partner just entered into a better phase in his life. The worst is over although the coast isn’t entirely clear yet. Venus is out of combustion but still under the Sun rays.
  • Where she lives and work and her home and family are unfortunate for her. Saturn in retrograde and conjunct South Node.

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