ASC Ruler in Combustion / Consultation Chart

I recalled a session with a woman. The ASC ruler, 7th ruler and 10th ruler are applying to the Sun’s combustion and all within a few degrees from one another. Her career, relationships are going to be even more unbearable.

She explained to me her life situation at that time. True enough, her main concerns involves relationships and instead of career, whether to move back to the country that she left (also ruled by the 7th).

What was interesting to me was that I offered her without additional charge an extra 30 mins of my time. But she turned out to be somewhat ‘ungrateful’. She said that she was still as unclear as before the session.

I read today that when the ASC ruler is combust, the client doesn’t have the power to obtain his/her desires and will not listen to the advice of the consultation. Wow, this certainly rings true.

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