Where is Nora Quoirin? Missing Person


  • Nora was found on Tuesday 13 August. So, the half a day was more accurate.
  • She was found less than 2 miles from the Dusan resort. So, Lilly’s measurement is spot on.
  • What is puzzling is that I can’t find anything in the chart that suggests that Nora will be found next to a stream. [Unless it’s represented by Neptune in the 5th house of children]

Original prediction

It’s too early to tell. Some astrologers say that it’s not wise to predict at this time when you see this in a chart. But I will go on anyway, for practice. [ASC in very early degrees]

She will be found very soon. I’m guessing in either half a day or in about 3.4 days time from 12 August i.e. 15 August evening GMT. The latter seems more likely. [the ASC ruler Mars doesn’t seem to describe the physical appearance of Nora. The previous ASC sign is Libra, Venus in Leo seems to describe Nora much much better. Venus is also in peregrine which indicates that she’s lost. Besides, Venus is in combustion, approaching combustion. Venus approaches Sun which rules the 10th of being out in the public and illumination. 29 minutes of separation between Sun and Venus. 29/60 x 7 days or 1 day. ]

However, she’s likely to be found dead. [Moon is trapped between Saturn and Pluto, both significators of death. However, strictly speaking, Moon separated from Saturn, ruler of 4th house of end of matters and then sextile Neptune in 5th before conjuncting Pluto. Venus is joining Sun]

It is possible that she was forgetful first. [Moon separated from Saturn, a significator of forgetfulness]

I’m guessing that she’s found east, east by north from the resort. She will be found in the immediately proximity/surrounding area of the resort. I’m guessing within 3 miles, east by north from the resort.  She will be found in the forest [Venus in Leo. Leo signifies east by north. Venus is angular. So she’s near the resort. 3 miles is given by Lilly for fixed signs per house. Leo represents woods, parks, magnificent buildings and palaces, near source of heat].

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