The Healthcare Crisis in Ireland

I only started learning about mundane astrology, which is a branch of astrology on the astrology of the world including nations and countries.

Naturally, I was curious as to what the chart of Ireland says about its healthcare system and whether it matches up to what the Irish news have been reporting for the past few years.

Firstly, the public health system is ruled by the 6th house and its ruler Venus. Venus is debilitated in Aries. In other words, the Irish healthcare system is:

  • weak
  • ineffective
  • wore down and hence damaged.

Interestingly, when Venus is debilitated in Aries and also rules the 10th house of government and the ruling class of who constitute the government (i.e. Fine Gale in this instance), the health minister is/was out of his/her depth or harms his/her own reputation by acting inappropriately when it comes to healthcare. However, astrologically speaking, it’s the entire government and ruling political party, not just the health minister, that is weak, ineffective, damaging to the public healthcare and to their party’s reputation, when it comes to public healthcare.

Venus conjuncts the Sun. Based on traditional astrology, the government and the Irish healthcare is ‘burned’ by something overseas. This brings to mind the cervical check scandal where, based on my limited knowledge and understanding, the Irish government blamed the USA laboratory for failing to detect cervical cancer of Irish women who went for the smear tests.

Based on modern astrology, we can also say that the government’s reputation or the national prestige (MC ruled by Venus) is illuminated based on its law and legal system (Sun rules the 9th) relating to relationships (Venus). This brings to mind the marriage equality referendum in 2015, making Ireland the first country to approve same sex marriage by populate vote, thus making changes to the legislation. On a different vein, it can also be said that religion and its beliefs was inseparable from relationships and children too. This brings to mind the heavy catholic influence on Ireland and the Magdalene Laundries that housed ‘fallen women’ before the catholic church loosen its grip on the Irish society.

What’s interesting is that Jupiter squares Venus. There can be excessive optimism and grandeur, exaggeration when it comes to the public healthcare and involving Ireland’s financial resources. This brings to the ballooning costs of the National Children’s Hospital saga. Jupiter, the chart ruler, represents the Irish nation. There’s always going to be lots of energy, tension, obstacles between the nation’s public health system (and trade unions which are ruled by the 6th as well) and the government.

On a separate note, the government and ruling party’s identity is almost inseparable from fun and pleasure (Venus rules the 5th house) given that Venus, the MC ruler also rules the 5th house of all pleasures, enjoyment and entertainments. This somewhat resonates with the news that I have been reading about Fine Gael, what with tabs on the Dail bar, the expenses of the politicians, going on their summer holidays, etc.

healthcare crisis in ireland

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