The Curious Case of Mr November

A client called Mr November asked me why the first few days of November can be difficult for him throughout his life.

The short answer or explanation is because the transiting Sun during the first few days of November activates either a planet or a sensitive point.

Let’s look at the birth chart of Mr November. His Moon is at 12 degrees Scorpio, which is activated by the Sun on around 4 November every year. So, perhaps it’s the Moon that ‘causes’ what Mr November experiences during the first few days of November. Even though the Sun activates his Moon on around 4 November, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he experiences ‘something bad’ only on the 4th. It’s just that towards the night of 4 November, that’s when the energy is the strongest. Mr November could experience ‘something’ as early as 3 days before or 3 days after 4 November, although the latter is less likely.

The next question to ask is: why would the Moon being activated be challenging for Mr November? There can be various reasons for this. Let’s look at traditional astrology, which can be fatalistic and horrifying:

  • Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, meaning the Moon is in its ‘fall’. When a planet is in its fall, it is believed that the function of the planet is unable to express itself effectively or flow directly. In other words, Mr November’s feelings and emotions are likely to run amok.
  • Moon rules the 12th house of imprisonment, loneliness and secret enemies amongst a bunch of other horrific meanings.

It’s strange though that Mr November would experience such ‘violent’ or vivid experiences in the first few days of November when it’s ‘only’ a Moon. I mean, I have other clients with the Moon in Scorpio (I’m not sure if their Moon rules the 12th house as well) but I have not heard of November’s experiences.

A closer look at November’s natal chart would reveal that there’s no major aspect from the Moon to other planets. This is known as an unaspected planet in astrology. An unaspected planet tends to express itself in a compulsive manner or a person may feel distant from the expression of the planet. Often though, the person may experience the unaspected planet as if it’s a switch of a lamp – on and off. Or like a water tap – on and off.

Perhaps, that’s why Mr November feels that the first few days of November are particularly difficult for him. Furthermore, there are various midpoints to his Moon: MO = MA/CH = PL/CH = ME/MA = ME/UR = ME/PL (the nearest 5 midpoints within 1.5 degree). Manifested most negatively, it could mean that (among the infinite possibilities) the perceived incapability of action, abandonment leading to a loss of power and control, rapid, sudden and emotional thoughts could be felt intensely by Mr November.

So much for fatalistic astrology. Let’s ‘open up’ the chart of Mr November. Instead of the above, during the first few days of November, Mr November could:

  • Derive his sense of security, nurture himself through solitude, spirituality, healing or making the world a better place by e.g. volunteering (12th house)
  • And also, it’s a time for Mr November to trust (12th house) and relinquish control (Scorpio). Have the faith of a mustard seed (12th house).
  • By engaging in one or more of the suggestions above, he could transform (Scorpio) any uncomfortable feeling / experiences into something beautiful.
  • I’m not saying that the process of transformation is easy. In fact, it can require quite a lot of conscious energy and focus to do so.

There’s other possibilities in addition to those above:

  • Engage in a healing physical activity (MA/CH), preferably something profound (PL/CH). How about doing the Moon salutation in yoga? Or be the healer during this time
  • Incorporate communication or writing during this time.
  • Wear a crystal associated with the Moon: moonstone, pearl, quartz or white onyx

Knowing Mr November, I would suggest that he actively engages in healing others during this time in whatever mode that may take. Or maybe keep still. Allow. Let go.

I hope this early November will take on a different tint for Mr November.

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