Should we move to Switzerland in the future?

It’s my idea of course. Jupiter which is angular looks favourable too. On second thoughts, the 1st house represents where I am currently at i.e. in Ireland. Maybe Ireland isn’t a bad place at all!

move to switzerland?

Mercury, representing Switzerland, does trine Jupiter eventually. However, Mercury is in the 8th house. In modern astrology, yes the 8th house is a big move. But I’m thinking of the traditional meanings of the 8th house here. Switzerland isn’t that favourable is it? Although it will be easy enough for me to do so. Venus and Mars are in combustion, possibly as a result of the move. Venus rules the 5th, 6th and 10th. Career and work matters, along with fun and entertainment. There’s nothing there for me now. Mars rules the 11th, 12th and 4th. Not the best too when it comes to home ownership, making friends and possibly feeling trapped when it comes to such matters. But there’s certainly some big changes when it comes to finances. I don’t quite like Saturn ruling the 2nd even though it’s dignified by being in its own sign. It’s still a malefic. Besides it’s in retrograde. However, it’s about to go stationary direct. So, in the long term, finances are likely going to be stable with loads of hard work, patience and time. Moon’s going to conjunct Neptune very soon. Maybe this question is based on my fantasy and this fantasy isn’t helpful towards me, who’s currently in Ireland (Jupiter squares Neptune.

So the answer is probably yes, if you want to. But will you be happy there? I should look at the relocated chart to Switzerland.

Observations on the relocated chart to Zurich. Some interesting observations: The 10th and 11th house are ruled by Jupiter which conjuncts Saturn. Both of which are smacked on the cusp of the 8th house. So, the horary chart above is quite reflective of the natal chart. Finances is ruled by Mars which is in its fall in the 5th and squared by Saturn/Jupiter. The Moon which rules the 6th is angular on ASC and the Sun is in the 6th house. So, either there’s focus on health issues or plain old fashion work.

Observations on the relocated chart to Geneva. The above observations on relocating to Zurich apply. However, in this chart, Uranus is angular on MC. And Uranus is disposed by Mars in 5th house. So, perhaps I will continue to work as an astrologer where the focus is on entertaining others through writing as Mars conjunct Mercury.

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