Racism in Astrology

I was watching this video on Facebook about two Muslims who was stopped by a woman in NYC and hurled abuse at the two Muslims. That got me thinking – is there something in a person’s chart that would indicate the potential for someone to be a racist? Remember: astrology is about potential and never the reality. A potential can be manifested positively or negatively too.

Anyhow, based on a quick thinking, I suspect a person has the potential for racism when there’s an interaction

  • Between Jupiter, the planet of beliefs and philosophy and Neptune, the planet of delusions or unrealistic thinking; and
  • A connection to Saturn, the planet of control, tradition and limitation OR Pluto, the planet of power, control and fanaticism. I suspect that racism is to feel a kind of power over another person or group of people. Hence, Pluto or Saturn should be part of the

I did a google search on people who are supposedly racist or have a reputation of being so (see below), so that I can test out my little surmise. Guess what? I might be on to something!

  • Donald Trump – Jupiter conjunct Neptune in the same sign, Saturn squares Neptune, Pluto sextile Neptune
  • John Wayne – Jupiter conjuncts Neptune tightly, both trines Saturn widely
  • Elvis Presley – Jupiter sextile Neptune, Jupiter squares Saturn, Jupiter sextiles Pluto
  • Thomas Jefferson – Jupiter sextile Neptune, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn, Jupiter sextiles Pluto
  • Babe Ruth – Jupiter conjunct Neptune in the same sign, Neptune conjunct Pluto, Saturn quincunx Pluto
  • Walt Disney – Jupiter opposition Neptune by sign, Jupiter conjunct Saturn, Jupiter quincunx Pluto

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