Predicting Location of Missing Persons / Horary Astrology

I was going through the horary/event chart of Alicia Ross to learn how to find missing persons properly. It then struck me whether I can determine how far Alicia is away from home.

The significator of Alicia is the ASC, the ASC ruler i.e. Jupiter and the Moon. There’s various school of thoughts which house should represent the missing person. In this case, as the querent has no relationship or involvement with Alicia, she is represented by the first house.

The Moon is supposed stronger than Jupiter even though the latter is in its term and the 11th house, which is supposedly slightly more fortunate compared to the 5th. But Jupiter conjuncts the South Node and this is bad in horary astrology.

So, the Moon in Aries in 5th house signifies the location of Alicia. Aries is a fire sign so it’s to the east. 5th house signifies the North by West. When you combine the two directions, it’s north east. This is the first sample of this ‘combination’ method which I’m trying out for the first time.

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