Pluto in Mundane Astrology

Charles Harvey describe Pluto as:

  • the power of the masses – think of the masses in America who voted for Donald Trump, the masses in the UK who voted for Brexit, the masses in Hong Kong has been on protests
  • compulsive collective pressures. Think of the protests in Hong Kong.
  • totalitarian – the first definition that shows up on Google is “relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.” I prefer this definition that I stumbled across “a totalitarian government is a single party dictatorship that controls all aspect of public and private life.” Examples of some totalitarian countries are Cuba, North Korea, China, Eritrea. Again, Hong Kong comes to my mind as it’s under the reins of China
  • forces of elimination
  • regeneration, resurgence
  • relates to emerging nations and nations in a state of renaissance and reconstruction
  • also to fanaticism, to an obsession with impersonal politic of old, deep-rooted problems
  • constellated by a leader it can awaken compulsive instincts for power and dominance. This reminds of me Boris and Trump.
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