Missing Person in Ireland

Someone texted me a few days ago saying that I was well regarded in my work as an astrologer and wondered if I could help to find her missing brother?

She asked if we should meet face to face or to have a phone call. I was hesitant as I have limited experienced in using astrology to find missing persons. It’s another area of astrology where I probably need to practice hundreds of times before I can get the hang of it.

I decided not to charge her as it must be traumatic for a loved one to be missing. Besides, I have limited experience in locating missing persons! I texted her and said that I have limited experience in finding missing people but I can give it a try.

When I first received the text message, I thought that the missing person is signified by the 7th and its Lord i.e. Mercury. Mercury is in peregine i.e. lost, in the 8th house of death, opposes and separated from both Saturn and Pluto in the turned 8th house of death. I thought that’s 3 testimonies of death.

However, when I asked the texter her relationship to the missing person, she said it was her brother. So, I took the 3rd house and its Lord i.e. Jupiter to be her brother. I described her brother in my text to her as “taller than average, upright and straight body, full and fleshy body, high forehead, large and expressive eyes, soft and full hair, maybe light brown, deep belly and large thighs, maybe bald around the temples or forehead.

While waiting for her, I did a google search of the missing person and the person that showed up matched her brother’s name and age. However that person was described as 5’11” and slim build which certainly didn’t fit my description of her brother. However, the sister replied that my description more or less described her brother. I was slumped. I needed to know for sure that the planet that I’m looking at describes her brother.

I asked her to send me a photo of her brother but she couldn’t do it via text. When I gave her my email address, she didn’t reply to me thereafter.

Well, if Jupiter does represent her brother, he’s very near to her. Perhaps in the same town as her (Jupiter is angular). Perhaps to the east of her (Jupiter in a fire sign). More specifically east to her of her (Jupiter in Sagittarius). Another possibility is that her brother is with a friend, or possibly with a group (Jupiter in turned 11th from 3rd). The friend’s physical description is similar to her brother’s. If I have to guess, the brother is still in town, with or near a friend and about 9 miles away, east by south, to the location of the sister when she texted me. THE DISTANCE IS PURELY GUESSWORK. It is derived from the 10 houses between the Moon and Jupiter multipled by 1 mile as Jupiter is in a common sign.

Hmmm, on further look, I don’t really like what I’m seeing.

  • Moon, ruler of the 8th house of death, sextiled Jupiter, the brother. Death or something traumatic came upon his brother quickly.
  • Even if the following wasn’t true, the Moon translated light from the brother to Saturn in 8th house of death and Saturn is the natural significator for death.
  • Even if the following wasn’t true, Moon, which is the cosignificator of the brother squared Pluto in 8th. Again, Pluto is the natural significator for death.

When did the death take place? It could be slightly less than 2 weeks ago or slightly more than a month ago before 5 August 2019.

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