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Update: apparently, Chloe was reported missing on 20 August and found on 21 August. The strange thing was that I read the news of her disappearance only on the 22 August!

Mercury is angular. It rules the 11th house of friends, 3rd house of relative/neighbour/ commuting and Chloe’s money or the friend’s house (turned 4th from 11th).

Mercury is peregrine so this friend is up to no good really. And clearly, this friend is with Chloe.

Nothing has happened to Chloe thankfully. She is strong and healthy. [no aspects made to or by the Sun. No aspects connecting the 8th or ruler of 8th or planets in 8th to the Moon or ]

I wonder whether she left home because of something unexpected, even shocking to do with her father which happened some time ago and she’s still feeling the effects of it. [Moon separated from conjunction to Uranus in 10th]

She will be found very soon. Perhaps in 1 day and 5 hours which is on 23 August about 10am. Or within the few hours. [Moon applies to ASC in about 1.5 degrees]

She is south by east. So she is south by east from what she was last seen, presumably her home. She’s very near her home I say. [Moon is stronger than the Sun. Hence, she is the significator of Chloe. Moon is in Taurus and in the 10th. Taurus is South by east and 10th is south.

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