Consultation Chart

Here’s some quick observations:

  • Saturn in retrograde, angular. Life in general is not moving forward or the way she wants. However, she’s not someone who takes rash actions anyway. Her style is more deliberate and strategic. She may feel weakened for now. Maybe it’s time for her to take a break. It’s a transitory phase for her.
  • She may feel that she has little influence or impact over her dreams of finances and possessions now. Maybe she feels the same about her friends as well. Maybe she feels lonely too. [Saturn and Jupiter in the same degree. Jupiter rules 11th, 12th and 2nd. Jupiter in 12th]
  • She may be moving away from her career for the time being. She may find it easy to do so. [Saturn retrograde from sextile to MC].
  • Her overseas home or living overseas was extremely challenging although it’s slowly starting to improve. [Venus rules IC and 9th and in combustion]
  • She feels burned out from her career. She can’t see clearly where she’s heading or what she wants in terms of her future path. She’s on the threshold. She will switch to something very different.
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