2019 Half Year Release of Results

I saw an email in my box. It’s an investor’s alert on the release of a particular listed company’s 2019 Half Year results. The alert stated a time which is 7am BST. I wonder whether the time at which the results are released i.e. the event chart would describe what’s to come from the results.

Some observations:

  • Mars is angular, directly on the ASC. Mars is a malefic and in peregrine. So, it can be damaging to the company. Mars rules the 9th and 4th. The source of damage would come from home and overseas, possibly from publishing houses. Or another interpretation is that what’s taking place within the company relates to its overseas operation. However, Mars can’t unleash its destructive energies as it’s under the Sun’s ray. Maybe, the company’s CEO and executive team are controlling the damage of its overseas operations or leading its peers – 4th is turned 7th from the 10th house of leaders and executives.
  • Uranus is angular on MC. A shock to the company’s reputation. The release of the results is disruptive to how company’s seen by investors. There’s separation or divorce, perhaps suggesting that the sale of stocks by investors. However, it seems that the company’s lackluster results are not new news though as Sun has separated from Uranus recently.
  • ASC ruler is the Sun which is dignified in its own sign but it’s in the 12th house, a cadent house. The company is a strong and its fundamentals are right however it is helpless now. It has little influence over its results. The timing is bad.
  • The group’s finances i.e. results aren’t doing well. However, it will shortly improve. [2nd house ruler is Mercury in Cancer and stationary, about to go direct]. Mercury and Moon are in opposition to Pluto. The release of the results will reveal whatever has been hidden. I wonder whether the company’s results are affected by a transformation in the health industry. [Pluto on 6th]
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