Pluto Square Pluto Transit

Just brainstorming, what would I share with someone who’s going through this transit?

  • Share with them some archetypal stories about Pluto. Have them reflect on the stories and how the stories may apply to them
  • Get Plutonian crystals e.g. black obsidian
  • Understand which house Pluto is natally. Explore the possible meanings of the natal Pluto in natal house.
  • Strip off the non-essentials. focus on day to day survival
  • Perform a Pluto ritual (?)
  • Plant a perennial plant/bulb to remind us of the nature of Pluto
  • write a letter, put items into a treasure box or something like that, bury something at the start of the transit. Uncover it after the transit
  • Look at this link for some other ideas
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