Consultation Charts – Disappointment

Some points:

  • ASC is in Libra – indeed, more than half of the session revolves around the client’s relationship
  • ASC in early degree – this wasn’t discussed much during the session. However, the client moved back from overseas and bought a house. And did lots of work on the house
  • ASC ruler is in VE in 10th. Her focus is on her career, social status (being a mother in her case) and her future path – what to do?
  • VE is in an early degree. She’s embarking on a new journey towards her future aspirations and it’s burning her. She’s going through hell because of her hopes and wishes for the future. (Venus is in combustion).
  • VE is in peregrine – she’s lost, drifting, not sure what to do.
  • As part of her hopes and wishes for the future, her thoughts about relationships/marriage are uncomfortable.
  • Indeed, CH on DES suggests that she feels abandoned.
  • Last aspect made by VE was ME and that was some time ago. Nothing much happened in her life except maybe her new home/family and career which are in early degrees.
  • ME rules 12th – thoughts of ending her life or solitude, feel trapped and unable to influence her future, career, or words said behind her back. That took place about 5.5 weeks ago.
  • She is burned by her hopes and wishes before making a radical change in her life which may involve education or something overseas in about 6 months time.
  • Mars is in the same degree as the nodes. There’s something fated about her relationships and her uncomfortable thoughts about them. Maybe karma is involved here.

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