Consultation Chart – Vocation

Some thoughts:

  • ASC in Virgo – work and health issues.
  • ASC ruler is ME in Cancer in retrograde in 11th – focused on hopes and dreams. Feels that life is in a transitory phrase right now, may not be able to move forward with her hopes and dreams, a bit loss. Hopes and dreams relates to spirituality, religion, education or overseas.
  • About 3.5 months ago, there’s a transformation, uncovering of something involving sex, children or creations. That may involve more than what she gets back in return.
  • About 4 months ago, there was something involving finances or possessions and overseas/spirituality/religion that came into contact with the client. [VE conjuncted ME]
  • It’s almost like like a dream come true for relationships. It’s going through some transition right now, involving home and family. [NE is disposed by JU which is angular on IC]
  • A focus on home and family. It’s going through some transition now before it can move forward with it. A solicitor in charge of the money contact her partner about slightly less than 1.5 months ago.
  • There’s something fated about where she lives and work and her partner’s money that have an impact on her hopes and wishes.
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