Consultation Chart – Hope

Some thoughts

  • ASC in Virgo – focus is on work and daily routine. Her career may no longer be entirely satisfactory. He may be working quietly behind the scene for a long time that communicating his thoughts and feelings may seem difficult. A change of job is a possible expression of such discontent.
  • ASC ruler is ME in Cancer and in retrograde and in the 11th. Mind, communication or thoughts may not be functioning at its usual best at present. Thoughts about her career or boss.
  • ME’s last aspect was the opposition to PL – about 3 months ago, there was something about death of a child? That’s pretty morbid. Or it could be about control issues relating to her work which affected her pleasure about it.
  • Before that about slightly more than 6 months ago, there was a possible relationship, a dreamy, ideal one where things may not be what they seem.
  • Moon aspects Mercury next. Her career, one that fulfills her hopes and dreams is approaching her in about slightly more 10 weeks time. A perfect fit between her and the career.
  • There’s something fated about her moving overseas, studying at home, or self-publishing at home.
  • Late degree in career and home. She’s towards the end of her current career and home/family arrangement. There’s going to be a change in her career and home/family very imminently., including her finances and possessions.
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