Vulture Funds in Ireland

I started looking at Ireland’s national chart from Neptune in the 10th. There’s a sextile within a degree to Pluto in the 8th house. The 8th house represents all international finance, multinational and transnational corporations. Issues involving foreign investment in Ireland also come under this house.

Pluto represents all things which are hidden and secretive in a society. So, perhaps MNCs are hiding something in Ireland – presumably hiding away from taxes.

MNCs and vulture funds are powerful entities too, with the capacity for introducing figurative death in Ireland. What sort of death you may ask? Pluto is disposed by Sun in 4th, death or traumatic experiences when it comes to houses and land (4th). I didn’t consider the 11th and 12th as I subscribe to the view that outer planets don’t rule signs. If we take that view however, MNCs and vulture funds may seem like friends to Ireland (11th) however, they are also friends who could are secret enemies of the state or bring some sort of imprisonment (12th) to Ireland. Certainly, MNCs, big corporations can also rejuvenate international finance and foreign investments in Ireland. But do bear in mind the duality of it – with rebirth can come death as mentioned earlier.

Maybe Ireland’s source of power (Pluto) comes from the MNCs (8th)? Or power from its participation in the EU. Although most people would agree that Ireland faced its death from its participation in EU from the post 2018 Irish banking crisis and the bailout.

The 8th cusp is ruled by Moon in the 1st. So, multinationals are in the country (1st). However, it’s worth noting that we are talking about the Moon. Just as the Moon webs and ebbs, the investments poured in by big corporations may go through cycles of increase and decrease too. Using a psychological approach, the nation (1st) is nurtured (Moon) by its financial relations.

On a different level, Moon rules the 8th house of national death. Moon can symbolise food. So, Moon in 1st reminds of the great famine that Ireland went through between 1845 and 1849.

I digressed. The power ascribed to big corporations and vulture funds (Pluto in 8th) are supported (sextile) by the idealism or delusions of the government (Neptune in 10th). Or to put a positive spin to it, the former is supported by the fluidity and transcendence of the Irish government (Neptune in 10th).

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