Snakes in the Irish Government?

I started my studies in mundane astrology, astrology of nations and the world, some time ago, but didn’t really get to it the way I wanted to by practising the techniques on actual charts of countries and reflecting on them. Here’s my first chart – that of the Republic of Ireland, the moment of complete and total separation from Great Britain. Chart is obtained from Nicholas Campion’s the Book of World Horoscopes.

The first thing that struck me was Neptune in the 10th. Granted that it’s perhaps out of orb at 8.5° and not considered angular by most/some astrologers. But it’s still in the sign of the 10th cusp. Anyhow, the 10th house represents the government and the ‘ruling class’ who constitute the government. Neptune symbolises many things, amongst which the negative manifestations are: deceit, lies, things are not what they seem (and corresponding represents acting, the mask), facade, delusion, scandals, confusion and lack of organisation. Hmmm, it does sound like the current Irish government all right. Remember in 2018:

  • Leo Varadkar’s strategic communication unit was highlighted by the opposition party(ies) and was eventually dismantled. The objective of the unit was to present Fine Gael in the idealised light or perhaps what it’s not i.e. a ‘spin’ – this is signified by Neptune
  • The ballooning of costs involving the new Children’s Hospital due to all kinds of excuses or reasons by the Health Minister, Simon Harris. The inflation of something without boundaries is again signified by Neptune, the planet of no boundaries.

The 10th house also indicates the ‘ideals’ which a society seeks to attain and consciously cultivates. Or to put it into another way – the reputation of a society. Neptune also symbolises alcohol and drugs. I certainly don’t associate Ireland as a duggie country but yeah, it i.e. the Irish people does have a reputation for drinks and drinking.

Positively, Neptune can manifest as sensitivity, inspiration, creativity, glamour. Maybe by welcoming refugees (no doubt it’s part of being in the EU), the government is showing compassion. I have often heard foreigners as describing the typical Irish as kind. Ireland has traditionally been described as the land of the poets and scholars. Scholars aren’t signified by Neptune but poets, at least the qualities of poems, can certainly be symbolised by Neptune.

Fascinating, isn’t it? That the chart of a country can somewhat reflect reality.

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