Maria Bailey’s RTE 1 Radio Interview

I’m not sure if the radio interview with Maria Bailey is conducted live. 10.01am is based on the time it’s broadcasted on the airwaves.

On first sight, I would have thought that the ASC represents Bailey as it’s the start of her interview. However, it could be argued that the ASC represents the radio show Today with Sean O’Rourke that started at 10am? ASC ruler, Sun is in the 11th. That seems fine. It’s in a friendly house. The only recent aspect is Sun sextile Chiron in 9th. Although Chiron in the 9th may mean wounded in legal matters or wounded in radio show, I doubt that’s the case as it’s sextile aspect. In any case, may
be it’s a good idea not to use Chiron in event charts. The next aspect made by the Sun is the sextile to the ASC. Again, this seems rather positive. Based on the foregoing, I’m inclined to think that the ASC represents the show rather than Bailey.

So, which house or planet represents Bailey? She’s a TD, part of the ruling lclass that forms the government. I would have thought the 10th house. MC ruler is Mars in Cancer on the 12th cusp. Ah, this makes more sense, at least when matching Bailey’s situation to the chart on hindsight.

Bailey is signified Mars – she’s usually driven, action oriented, not afraid to pick up a fight and assert herself. Her body or physical appearance should be fit. This makes sense when I read of her running. However Mars is in Cancer, the sign of its fall. She’s going through a time where she’s not doing well, she’s not effective (read: ineffective) in her actions, fights or self-assertive which she tends to do well but not in this period. Also, she’s almost helpless as in she can’t really control or little influence over the situation as Mars is in the 12th house. It’s pretty horrid – Mars is in its fall and in the worst house possible, at least from a traditional astrology perspective.

What I have found most interesting is that Mars is disposed by the Moon in 9th. In other words, Bailey’s ‘controlled’ by:

  • The lawyer/solicitor/advisor that provided her with the (legal) advice to go ahead with the lawsuit.
  • The publishing indust

This is interesting. Mars is in the same degree as the ASC i.e. the radio show. It seems that her connection to the radio show is fated or destined. There’s no immediate future aspects within the orb for Mars (about 8 degrees). So, it seems that nothing much is going to happen. She’s going to lie low, it seems.

Maria Bailey's RTE 1 Radio Interview Today with Sean O'Rourke
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