Should We Get this Doggie?

We are on the hunt for a bichon frise and finally found one that seems the right fit. We or at least I couldn’t decide whether to get him. My partner said why don’t you asking I Ching or astro?

I thought what a great idea and did so.

I Ching said no essentially. It came back with this ‘weird’ message, that the situation is that of falling apart (hexagram 23). Putting the words aside, I didn’t like the picture of the hexagram – the negative lines are going to overcome the final positive line. The moving lines 3, 4 and 6 aren’t that great too. The resultant hexagram is 62 “Predominance of the small”. Okay, by following the advice i.e. no, don’t get the puppy, the outcome is a good one.

Now, that’s very weird or strange that I Ching is giving such a negative message about those two puppies.

I thought I will consult astro – horary astrology. The answer seems to be yes but I’m very cautious of this supposedly answer because of the factors below.

So, no, we are not going to get the puppy. 🙁

  • Mars in its fall is rather near the ASC. Granted that it’s about 6 degrees away rather than 5 degrees as commonly used. That raises the alarm bell within me immediately.
  • Mars rules the 11th, which supposedly is a positive thing – hopes and dreams, friends. But then, my intuition says to consider it as a derived house from the 6th i.e. the 6th from the 6th (pet/small animal). So, there’s some health issues with the puppies. Mars also rules the intercepted derived 12th. I don’t usually consider intercepted houses. But in this case, it seems like there’s some hidden illness of some sort with the puppies
  • Yes, the 6th ruler is Jupiter in its sign but in retrograde. Yes, the Moon and Jupiter are moving towards each other. But the two can still perfect each other without Jupiter in retrograde. So, I take it that the puppies are not ‘usual’. Something is off.
  • Moon, a general signifactor of my question, is in peregrine and in a cadent house. This doesn’t look good.
  • Neptune and the Moon are in the same degree. Yes, our dreams of having a furry friend could come true but it could also suggest deceit or things are not what they seem in the open/public when it comes to these puppies.

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