Continue Career as an Astrologer?

I was very keen to know whether to continue investing efforts into being an astrologer as a career.

I sincerely asked the universe and here’s the chart. VE is the chart ruler. It is in Aries, its sign of detriment, suggesting that I’m a weak astrologer. However, Venus is in a late degree and moving onto the next sign of Taurus. So, maybe I’m going to be a stronger astrologer later on.

Venus represents me and rules 8th too. So, I have uncomfortable feelings within me. Venus is approaching Mars who receives her in his sign. Mars rules 2nd and 7th. Maybe I’m approaching clients with money. And following that, Venus conjuncts Uranus, the modern significator of astrologers.

MC is in a late degree too. So, there’s going to be a transition soon. This is reiterated by Moon in the earliest degree. Moon is going to trine Uranus, the modern significator of astrologers.

Based on the above, yes, continue with astrology.

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