Crystals for Luck

Types of Crystals

I have classified the crystals based on the days in a week.

  • Monday: moonstone, pearl, quartz or white onyx
  • Tuesday: carnelian, garnet, haematite, red jasper, magnetite or red onyx
  • Wednesday: agate (yellow, blue lace or green), opal, turquoise or chrysolith
  • Thursday: aethyst, lapis lazuli, sapphire, blue topaz or zircon (purple, violet or blue)
  • Friday: aquamarine, beryl, copper chalcedony, heliotrope, emerald or light blue sapphire
  • Saturday: jet or black onyx
  • Sunday: amber, coral, imperial/gold topaz or ruby

How Many Crystals to Buy?

Unless you are advised otherwise, I would suggest that you get one crystal to start with and then work with it to see its effect on you. But sure, if you want to buy more than one or all of the crystal under a day, go for it!

Which Crystal(s) to Buy?

I would have advised you on the day of crystals to get based on your birth potential and/or the energies that you are currently or will go through.

Among the crystals assigned to a day, go with the crystal(s) that speak to you, whichever one that you are attracted to for whatever reason. Trust your instincts and/or your eyes.

They can come in various forms – tumbled stones, set in rings, pendants for necklaces, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, palm stones, wands, figurines, geodes, druses, etc. Personally, I go with rings and tumbled stones as they are the easiest to wear/carry and the most attractive to me. Choose one that meets your purpose.

Where to Buy Them?

Most new age or holistic shops should sell them. In Dublin city, Ireland, there’s Dervish at Aungier Street, Yellow Brick Road at on Bachelors Walk for example. There’s also Amazon and Etsy where I tend to get mine.

How to Use Them

However you like! I personally carry a tumbled stone for protection in my pants all or most of the time. I also wear rings with crystals. Once a while, I wear a crystal on a string on my neck. I leave crystals on my bed, table, etc. You can carry it in your purse, handbag, put it on your desk, etc.

I personally think there’s no fixed way to use them (however I do certain rituals to bless them) although trained and serious crystal practitioners and vedic astrologers will have a different view. If you research into the uses, you will find things like crystal grids, crystal infused water, etc. Certainly research into that or consult someone if you are into that.

Cleanse them before using them. Charge and discharge them as you are using them. Do a search on how to do so.

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