What I learnt Today as an Astrologer

Some thoughts from my consultations today:

  • T-squares are indeed potential sources of tension and energy and are likely to result in ‘success’
  • Saturn as the 7th ruler does slow down a person when it comes to relationships. Generally speaking, their long-term relationship comes later than most
  • 4th house does seem to signify the father, as in traditional astrology
  • It is important to look for dignified planets in a chart. They seem to come out rather clearly in a chart, often to the point of the client adopting the archetypal careers of a dignified planet
  • There needs to be some synastry between the client and the astrologer for a session to ‘go well’. It’s very useful to adapt/flex one’s communication style to fit the client’s.
  • It does seem that when someone asks about when they will meet someone and the ASC in the horary chart is 29 degrees, the boat has sailed.
  • Always, always take a holistic or rather comprehensive view of a person’s say communication say. For example, a client has Mercury in Capricorn and it may seem that the person is cautious when it comes to communication. But, Capricorn could manifest as being controlling and domineering. The duality of astrology! Furthermore, when Mercury sesquiqudate Pluto, it could mean that the person may hide his/her thoughts OR be controlling and powerful.
  • Even when DES is in Capricorn or Aquarius and the DES ruler is in the 7th (and dignified by sign) and opposes a planet in the first house, a client may feel that the aspect of their personality signified by the planet in the first is ‘blocked’ by a relationship. This is the case even though DES ruler is dignified.
  • When Saturn is in the 7th, as mentioned above, the person may enter into a long-term relationship ‘later’ in life or not at all
  • 8th house doesn’t always means grief, uncomfortable feelings, nervousness, etc. Think holistically. E.g. when the chart ruler is in the 8th, the person could work in a bank as the 8th house can represent other people’s resources.
  • When Venus is in the 6th or on the 6th cusp, the person may think that everything will go fine when it comes to work or health practices. But when Saturn transits in the 6th…
  • Saturn transits in the 6th may relate to a weight loss.
  • Mercury conjunct South Node. The person usually likes to talk.
  • You can read a chart even without a house system. The psychological interpretations still applies
  • Even with a singleton in earth, it could mean that the person is excessively practical. Even with Saturn in Taurus.
  • Even with a singleton in fire, it could mean that the person has loads of energy. Even with Mars in Cancer as that Mars is the focal planet in a T-square.
  • Chiron can be interpreted as too much or too little. E.g. Mars square Chiron – the person’s energy level is excessively high or low. You won’t know until you ask the person
  • Mars square Chiron doesn’t mean that the person is ‘wounded’ in sex, well not for a woman.
  • It is more holistic to consider the entire Saturn cycle. In fact, any cycle. For example, transiting Saturn opposite natal Saturn should be related to transiting Saturn conjunct Saturn.
  • The archetypal energies of a planet usually shine through. E.g. Saturn represents stability, social status, etc


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