Thoughts on Astrocartography

Astrocartography (ACG) is a fascinating tool. It can help us to discover locations in the world where we can enhance or downplay the astrological factors under which we were born.

What comes to me mind is for example, a person has his Sun conjunct IC. And say the ruler of his MC is in the 4th and let’s say almost all of his planets are in the northern hemisphere. He wants to be recognised and famous and finds it very hard to do so. Can relocating to a place where his Sun and other planets are in the 10th (or even 9th or 11th) help him to do that? According to ACG, yes!

Or as another example, Saturn conjunct the 7th/Descendant of a client (it’s important to evaluate the aspects to Saturn, the sign it’s in, house rulerships, etc). He has found it very difficult to find a partner. Maybe he could move to a place where Saturn gets ‘shifted’ to the 12th, 6th or somewhere else but the 7th!

The natal chart shows our potential. Some places seem easier to realise that potential. ACG is the tool that can help you to discover where your potential can be realised. I don’t have any concrete example. But I would imagine that say a client’s potential is to be a writer. Could moving to a place where Mercury conjunct ASC even for a few months do the ‘trick’? Or maybe it’s publishing that the writer is having difficulty with. Can he move to a place where Jupiter or Venus is in the 9th house? (assuming that Jupiter or Venus are ‘well’ aspected in his natal chart).

ACG can help us to understand why certain people or experiences may come to us from those places. For example, I got on extremely well with an ex-boss who’s from Edmonton in Canada. My Sun on MC and North Node on MC are extremely near to Edmonton!



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