Pluto Square Pluto Transit

Yes, transformation is in the air. But, in which area of life? Where the hell is natal Pluto in? As there is most likely the area of transformation that’s going to take place. For example, when natal Pluto is in the 5th, the transformation could relate to a client’s creativity e.g. uncovering dissatisfaction with classical music by a client and venturing into blues and jazz music. As with detailed forecasting, it is important to see the tight aspects to Pluto. If say, Sun in 2nd squares Pluto in 5th, continuing on from the previous example, the client’s change in her musical taste could have an adverse effect on her finances or it could be being impelled to shine in her talents.

Remember, to forecast accurately, you need to understand the natal chart of the client as much as possible.

FYI – I personally find the Placidus house system ‘better’ than the Equal house system when it comes to forecasting.

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