Pluto Conjunct 7th

I remembered this client with her natal Pluto conjunct 7th. She lost her husband through an accident. That consultation took place years ago. Now, with the lens of ACG, I wonder whether she could have avoided her loss by relocating?

The 7th or DES is a sensitive point in the natal chart. A planet on the DES or in the 7th may ‘attract’ people of those qualities in our lives through the psychological mechanism of ‘projection’. I know this sounds extremely unkind. I wonder whether she was attracting death (Pluto is the modern significator of it) through her significant one-to-one relationships?

I remembered my very first astrological consultation. It was a natal chart analysis. I have Neptune in my 7th. The astrologer interpreted that as I couldn’t hold onto relationships (as at least that’s how I remembered him saying). However, years later after studying astrology myself, I have come to a new conclusion:

  • There’s a range of interpretation or possibilities. What the astrologer had told me is only one of the many possibilities
  • The planet in the 7th, in my case, Neptune, is the planet that I have ‘rejected’ as part of my psyche and projected onto others. Ultimately, I should consider integrating the qualities of that planet as part of myself. Which I think in my mid-30s. (it’s interesting that my ex accused me of not being spiritual at all while he was into astrology, reiki, cults(???)).
  • And more importantly, the DES ruler and the aspects made to it and DES should be considered to form a complete picture of my relationship dynamic. FYI – Saturn conjuncts my DES ruler so there’s a sense of permanence in my relationships.

So, I wonder whether it’s fate, destiny of my client to experience the death of her partner so that she can begin to integrate the Plutonian energies within herself instead of attracting people who manifest the Plutonian energies.

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