My Experiences of ACG Lines

Jim Lewis felt that a planetary MC line on an ACG map is where “you are socially classified by the planet’s force”. Hmmm, I know this article is not about me. But I have Uranus MC near Ireland where I’m living. If Jim is right, then I’m socially classified as a rebel, outcast, different, unique, iconoclastic, brilliant, eccentric, etc. Maybe that’s true, I don’t know. However, my public profile is that of an astrologer in Ireland.

Jim Lewis said of planetary IC lines “You are centered through the planet’s nature.” Let’s see. When I was living in Sydney Australia, Pluto IC was near Syndey. I felt that I was totally uprooted and had to start all over again in Australia. It was a most uncomfortable feeling. The achievements of my past are no longer relevant. They are wiped away. Mexico city is near my Moon IC line. I have always told others that I was on the verge of settling down in Mexico City and putting down roots. It just felt so comfortable and natural. It’s like I could live like that forever in the city. Chiron IC is very near to Ireland. Let’s park this for the time being.

“You are identified by the planet’s nature” is how Jim described planetary ASC lines. I knew I was hanging a lot of Canadians who became my mates during the time I was in Bermuda. In my 2nd and 3rd year of time on the island, I became very introspective and was leaning towards depression. I hadn’t known astrology then and without going back to see if there’s any transits or progressions in operation during that time, my Pluto ASC line runs through mid/west coast of Canada. I’m starting to think “by going to mid/west coast of Canada, I may ‘struggle and go through hell’ or to put it nicely, to go through a regenerative process. So maybe I don’t have to go to that country. By hanging out and spending most of my time with people from those locations, I can achieve the same effect.” Hmmm, this warrants more reflection.

Jim Lewis talks about planetary DSC lines “difficult planets can be most dangerous here as they tend to draw problems and challenges to you”. Mercury DSC is near Dublin, Ireland where I reside now. I have always felt or perceive that the Irish are extremely talkative or loquacious. I suppose you wouldn’t need ACG to know that! BUT, my natal Mercury squares Saturn, so maybe the Irish shut up in front of me…



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