Mercury on Relocated Descendant

Mercury is angular on my relocated DES in Dublin, Ireland. I did feel that people are generally more loquacious here but not to me, due to my natal Mercury square Saturn.

I do feel that in Dublin, it’s one of my path to further integrate the communicative abilities within me since natally, Mercury is in my 1st house under the Placidus and Equal house systems. Indeed, the first year of my time in Ireland was exceedingly tough in terms of communication and mental thoughts. It’s definitely one of the top 2 years in over 30+ years in terms of tough times. I had to restructure the way I communicate professionally. I almost went through depression as well. Actually, my manager in my first year had negative feedback about me and put me through professional hell. I’m not sure what caused it exactly. The event chart of my first day at work was horrible too – a fixed grand cross in angular houses.

Whatever the reason, I certainly had to work hard at my communication in Dublin.

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