Being Centered and Rooted

IC or the 4th typically symbolises our home and family, our ancestry lineage, our parents particularly our father, our personal life, etc. It’s really only today that I realised the importance of the 4th. Just like the roots of a tree are crucial to its survival and growth, our home, family, parents, personal life are essential to our survival and growth.

Imagine being homeless.

Imagine growing up without a family or parents.

Imagine being by yourself without a family or your clansmen.

It’s going to affect your entire life. It’s almost as if your feet had been knocked over.

Home, family, your heritage, your roots, your ancestors, your grandparents, etc are the foundations of your life.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that a client relocate to a place with pluto conjunct IC. It’s also as if the foundations of his/her life will keep going through upheaval. Or go through power plays. Not the most comfortable place to be in, isn’t it?

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