When to Start Something

It is believed, at least by astrologers, that when you start something affects the outcome of your venture. In fact, in olden days, astrologers are tasked to advise on when to start a war. In more recent times, it’s widely known and publicised that astrology runs the timetable of US president Reagan in terms of giving speeches, events, etc. It generally takes years of studies and practice to learn how to determine the best date(s) and time(s) to maximise your chances of a positive outcome. This branch of astrology is known as electional astrology.

However, you don’t have to a wizard at astrology to apply a quick and dirty method that’s called the planetary hours. Basically, the time period between sunrise and sunset is divided into 12 slices of time and assigned to one of the seven traditional planets i.e. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon. Similarly, the time period between the sunset of a day and the sunrise of the next day is divided into 12 slices of time and assigned to one of the planets as well. The assignment is done on a set pattern. Incidentally, the word “hours” is actually a misnomer as each planetary hour doesn’t correspond with our usual hour of 60 minutes.

As with most quick and dirty method, it’s not as robust or assuring as the usual method. But you don’t have to spend all the years learning and practising how to do it properly! With that in mind, here’s the planetary hours method.

Step 1: Identify the planet involved for your venture. It is believed that different planets are ‘responsible’ for different things and people on earth. For example, the planet Venus is in charge of love and relationships. There are multitude of lists available on the internet on the matters that come under the domain of a planet. Here’s a list to get your started: What Planet does this Venture Belong to?

Step 2: Determine the time ranges of the planet that you have identified in step 1 above. The free options are:

  • You can find out how to calculate the planetary hours by doing a search on the web
  • You can use this website Planetary Hours Calculator. Note: use of this website is at your own risk!

The lazy and not-free option is get it from me.

Step 3: Start your venture during one of the time ranges that you have determined in step 2 above.

Step 4: If you would like to further increase your chances of a positive outcome, start your venture during the planetary hour for the planet and the day for the planet as well. Guess what? Each planet is ‘responsible’ for one of the seven days in the week too. Here’s the planets in charge:

  • Monday: Moon
  • Tuesday: Mars
  • Wednesday: Mercury
  • Thursday: Jupiter
  • Friday: Venus
  • Saturday: Saturn
  • Sunday: Sun

An Example on How to Apply the Steps Above

For example, I want to go for a first date. A date is about love and relationship. So, Venus is the planet in charge of such stuff. I will look to the day and planetary hour of Venus: Friday and say, 3 May 2019 in Dublin:

  • 05:59 to 07:14 – this is way too early!
  • 14:49 to 16:05 – hmmm, I’m working so can’t make it
  • 22:36 to 23:20 – hmmm, this is a bit late isn’t it. Unless I meet the other person at a pub or club.
  • 03:44 to 04:28 – this is even later. No go I need my sleep.

Based on the above example, I might meet the other person say at 22:45 as it falls within the 22:36 to 23:20 time frame. But, here’s another idea. I could meet the person during the Jupiter hour too as Jupiter is responsible for themes like success, being lucky, etc. The Jupiter hour in the evening, on 3 May 2019 in Dublin, is 19:52 to 21:08. Now this timing seems more like a winner.

But… what if I’m looking for a grasp… one-night stand? That’s not my thing as I’m happily attached but let’s say hypothetically… For sex, let’s go with Mars. The Mars hour on 3 May 2019 in Dublin is 21:08 to 21:52. Hmmm, that’s interesting…

Best of luck!

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