Synastry and Projection

This is the second time that I’m seeing this amongst my clients. I looked at the snyastry connections between my client and her ex.

Her South Node conjuncts her ex’s Venus. I said that one of them in the relationship gains love, beauty, self-worth from the other in the relationship. Guess what? She rephrased what I had said “What I’m hearing from you is that someone in the relationship sucks self-worth, (I can’t remember the rest) from the other.” She went on to say that my ex drains me of xyz. It’s interesting that she used the words ‘drained’ and ‘sucked’ which I thought were textbook examples of words that are used to describe the South Node.

What was interesting is that my personal opinion is that she gained from the relationship – money, which is signified by Venus, lovely things like the car that she’s driving. I’m intrigued that projection may have taken place in this scenario.

What’s also interesting is that her Pluto sesquiquadrate her ex’s Sun extremely tightly. I usually stick to Ptolemaic aspects but given the tightness of the aspect, went on to interpret it. It seems that she has projected her Pluto onto her ex who’s the one hiding things from her and being controlling. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have her time of birth so I can’t check whether her natal Pluto is in her 7th house of projection.

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