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I was thinking about a close friend recently. I thought about her life, the things she said to me and her friends. And then, I thought of her birth chart. And then, I was figuring about how I have affected her life, for better or for worse. The first thing I thought of is the location of my Sun which represents me. Oh golly! My Sun is in her 11th house of friends! I could give a complex interpretation of what that means e.g. I light up her realm of friendships, some friends have the extra function of being a support for a person’s hopes and wishes. The crux of it is that I am her friend!

Wait, what about her plants? Does she have any planet in my 11th house of friends? Oh wow! Yes! Her Moon is in my 11th house of friendship! She is a friend to me too! No surprises here but I found it so amazing that astrology can actually confirm or more accurately symbolize reality.

But that’s not all, it turned out that my Venus and her Mercury (her chart ruler) conjuncts each other in the same degree and my Venus conjuncts her Venus and Jupiter tightly too. For those with limited astro knowledge, it means that my way of relating to her makes her think and talk. This is very true as her mum said that it’s delightful to see the two of us sitting down there and talk for ages. My way of relating to her is enjoyable to her and she feels loved and appreciated! Also, it is very likely that I help her to feel a sense of growth and expansion, possibly even making the future a rosier place for her. Hmmm, I may be oversinging my praises too much here.

There’s more to say about our friendship as we can go to so much depth in a relationship reading, be it between a couple, friend, parent/child, etc. I just thought that I would pen down my initial thoughts for the time being. Happy holidays!

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