Mercury=Sun/Moon Transit

The transit took place at 4.30pm on Sunday. I had been lazing away before then. Almost suddenly, I resolved to start doing some work. I continued to stay in bed and started inserting calendar events as reminders. And then, I did a flurry of writing for 3 hours, writing up learning points from astrology consultations and observations about my personal transits and other forecasting techniques.

What does COSI has to say about this combination?

One’s attitude and thoughts in relation to the male and female principles, thoughts of marriage. Union of thoughts between husband and wife. Association between young people. Contemplation of marriage.

Well, I certainly did think of marriage within an hour from the perfection of the transit too. 🙂

Most interestingly, COSI noted “differences caused by inner tensions, dissatisfaction and the ensuing difficulties” as a probable negative manifestation. Maybe an hour before 4.30pm, I was feeling dissatisfied with life, thinking how great it would be if I don’t have to work and money can drop from the sky, etc. More importantly, I kept telling myself to write down these thoughts, which I did. It’s very apt that the dissatisfaction with life are translated into writing and fits absolutely into the symbolism of Mercury=Sun/Moon.

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