Predicting Death

When Saturn transited over a client’s Ascendant, I approached it from a psychological approach – new start in terms of the foundations of her life, etc involving her personal resources and thoughts.

She pointed out to me that when Saturn first transited over her Ascendant, her husband passed away 4 days after that. Certainly, Saturn is the traditional significator of death but how could her husband be involved? Okay, I see Mercury being disposed by Saturn, SN as well, along with the Sun, Mars and natal Saturn. Mercury rules the 7th so yes, her husband is certainly involved. But there’s no 8th house involved. So, how does death of her husband show up?

Then it dawned on me that the husband’s 8th house is the client’s 2nd. And her husband died of a heart attack – Sun conjunct Mars in the husband’s 8th which are disposed by Saturn.

Note to self:

  • Partner’s death – radical 2nd
  • Mother’s death – radical 5th
  • Father’s death – radical 11th
  • Sibling’s death – radical 10th

Of course, the modern technique of transits should be confirmed by other techniques – progressions, solar arcs, etc before concluding on death. But then again, depending on your code of ethics, you may not communicate such matters to clients.

predicting death astrology

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