Lunar Return January

This lunar return is from 8 Jan to 4 Feb for Scott. Some interpretations are:

  • Moon in 10th – the focus is on career, public self, one’s path. Focus is in terms of feelings, unconscious attention, immediate environment that includes everyday surroundings and people
  • Moon trine ASC or sextile DSC and sextile Jupiter in 6th – Way of approaching the world flows easy with the focus on career. There’s an expansion of work tasks or health practices. Jupiter is almost in the 7th house – support from partner helps with focus on career during this lunar month
  • Moon rules 2nd and 3rd – words, communication, corporate grapevine affect career, public reputation. Finances may come into the picture too
  • Moon is almost conjunct MC, using a 5° orb. It’s really close. This time period is very focused on career
  • ASC is in Gemini – this is the same as Scott’s natal ASC. So, he comes into his element during this lunar month. The ASC is in Scott’s natal first house too.
  • Chart ruler is Mercury in 8th – a lunar month of transformations. Or in traditional astrology, uncomfortable feelings are involved – anxiety, worries, etc. This is further emphasised by Mercury being in the natal 8th house.
  • Mercury squares Mars in the same degree. There’s a lot of activity and action – behind the scenes or independently at work (Mars rules 12th and co-rules intercepted 6th). This has a (positive I think given that Mars is in its own sign) effect on Scott’s hopes and wishes.
  • Others – Uranus and Chiron are in the same degree – unexpected wounding of some sort happening to a group that Scott may belong to or a friend of his. Or it can be a radical change and healing is involved.

Timing – look out for planets transiting over the angles.

lunar return Jan19

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