Lunar Return October 2018

Here are my predictions:

  • Moon in 1st – a lunar month of action especially given that Moon conjunct Mars. The change/action includes work, daily work routine as Moon rules the 6th. Energies are devoted on knowledge that brings in money.
  • Moon squares Mercury that rules 4th and 5th. The change creates stress, tension within home life and sense of fun.
  • ASC ruler is Saturn. Saturn is in the 11th house. Another focus for this lunar month is friend(s) or supporters and one my goals and ambitions. I’m supported by radical change in my self-worth or my unconventional talents. Or to put it in another way, radical changes in my finances supports my goals and ambitions. I may have to be aware of any feelings of being the outsider or behaving like the odd one out. This wouldn’t be constructive towards my goals and ambitions or when it comes to making friends and supporters.
  • The Sun and Venus and arguably Mercury are in the 8th house, the same placement as in the solar return. This is an extremely important month when it comes to what those planets denote in the solar return chart. SR Sun rules the 8th house and it is in the SR 8th. So, this is the month for huge transformation, a month of new beginnings and endings. Instead, I started my job on the day of the lunar return started. It’s a huge change for my partner as well (LR Sun rules the 7th). SR Venus rules the 10th and 5th. There’s definitely a huge change in my career, public role and my fun activities, which I was engaged in before I started work. LR Venus rules the 8th and 3rd. There’s a huge change in the environment in which I live or work and the daily commute, which actually brought me a lot of stress (8th).
  • Moon transited over IC – I did a reading and taught piano at home (Mercury in 9th rules 4th, 5th and intercepted 7th).
  • Moon transited over 7th – I was annoyed that my partner didn’t want me to book our trip on the day. This is Halloween. I’m the only person on the floor to paint my face and being the new guy, that’s attracting the wrong kind of attention to myself. An alternative interpretation is that there’s a connection between making friends at work with my colleagues although I wouldn’t be able to see it at that point in time.
  • Moon transited over MC – MC ruler is in the 9th. So, I’m the specialist at work, which is supported by my outsider status. There’s someone who openly object to me at work – Sun rules 8th and Sun semisextile Jupiter in the same degree.
  • Moon transited over ASC – There was a piano student who kindly agreed to come in 15 mins earlier to listen to a dry run of an upcoming performance of mine. I have sketchy notes in my journal for that day. I wondered whether I felt like an outsider in the new office. The Moon transited over ASC at 4am. The night before, there was someone asking for a reading.

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