Venus in 6th – Transiting

Bobby has his Venus in the 3rd house natally that suggests a love for communication, relating to others through exchange of ideas, art as a form of communication. During the 9 days when Venus was in his 6th house, using the Placidus house system, he experienced a flurry of busy-ness. Suddenly, he had to make contact with numerous friends who showed up of nowhere. Communication with others became like work. He’s a musician and he found practicing for an upcoming concert tedious and even boring. Love during this time was very practical and was over the household matters. He also picked up driving for the first time in his life. He practiced whenever possible during the 9 days, with his partner who’s an experienced driver.

On the day when Venus retrograded past the 6th house cusp back into the 5th house, he had a row (3rd) with his partner over an email (3rd) and somewhat upsetting communication over driving (3rd). It was very intense which pointed towards the potency of a Venus station retrograde.

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