A client wished to talk about success among other areas of life. I asked her what success meant to her. She thought for a while and said “Peace, having a sense of peace within me”.

At that time, I thought what symbolizes peace in a person’s chart and then explored her Venus, the peacemaker, with her. (Venus is also the goddess of war known as Ishtar in Babylon…)

I learnt about noviles recently. They are basically angular relationships between planets in a chart that are 40, 80 or 160 degrees apart. In essence, they describes our capacity for joy and happiness, which arises from being at peace with ourselves and the world. It is the power from simply being ourselves. It is following our bliss.

I wished that I could have talked about noviles to that client. Next time perhaps. Now, look for planets that are 40, 80 or 160 degrees apart in your birth chart to discover and/or confirm your bliss and source of joy and happiness.

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