Pluto on ASC – Event Chart

Bobby had two options when scheduling an interview:

  1. 10th ruler in 1st with 1st ruler, Saturn in Capricorn in station retrograde, and Pluto conjunct ASC tightly
  2. There’s no connection between the 10th and its ruler nor the first and the ASC ruler

I told him to go for the first option as it’s more likely for him to get the job or proceed to the next round of interview. However, I warned him that it’s likely to be a transformative process for him. He might have a sense of struggling and urge to survive in the interview. There might even be power struggle during the interview.

I talked to Bobby after his interview. Apparently, he had an extremely tough day before the interview. He described it as going through hell but he stressed that the experience wasn’t from the interview itself.

Oh yes, he is proceeding to the second round interview.

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