Pluto = ASC / MC Midpoint

Seamus is his late thirties. He remembered the following events in his life:

  • He went to a vocational institution after doing very well in his GCE O Level exams
  • He spent 6 months in the vocation institution before quitting it and going to a pre-university college
  • He completed the pre-university college and university
  • He spent 3.5 to 4 years at his first job
  • He relocated to another country and spent another 3 years at another job, almost in a different field
  • He spent a few months travelling
  • He relocated to another country hoping to settle down in that country. He was there for 6 months before he relocated to another country
  • He was in the new country and spent 3 years in a job, almost in a different field and left it
  • He spent 1.5 years in again something different and intend to leave it and go back to his previous job

When he thinks about his career/vocation or social status based on the above events, he could certainly relate to Pluto’s themes of elimination, transformation and regeneration.

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