Increase Your Chances of Getting Job Interviews

Let’s say you don’t have any contacts to tap on and you are looking for a job by cold-calling. In the technological age, this is likely to mean sending your CV / resume and cover letter in response to a job ad on a company website or job site. I’m sure there are other means to getting a job but I won’t be covering them here.

Assuming that your natal chart doesn’t deny you from getting a job, you can use electional astrology at all stages of the job search to increase your chances of getting a job:

  • When to click “send” on the job/company site or from your email program
  • When to schedule the interview(s) assuming there’s some flexibility to do so
  • When to negotiate the terms of the offer
  • When to start your first day at work. I strongly believe that this has a tremendous impact on how your time with the new workplace is going to be. I have once started a job when there’s fixed cardinal cross. Saturn is in retrograde and sits directly on the ASC. It was only years later after I was in the job that I discovered electional astrology and revisited the chart for the first day at work.

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