Sun in 7th – Solar Returns

Clearly, when the SR Sun is in the 7th, there’s a focus on relationships – partner – life, business or romantic, colleague, open enemy e.g. if you are a sportsman, surely the 7th represents your competition as well.

The question is if we are talking about life partner, what’s the nature of this focus? Is it about:

  1. Moving house? 4th
  2. Starting a family, having a kid? 5th
  3. Going on holidays, overseas, starting a course? 9th
  4. And so on.

I would say consider the house rulership of the Sun. If the Sun rules the SR 4th house, then maybe it’s about home matters – this could be renovation, relocation, buying a home for the first time, working from home, etc, family matters – extending the family, something to do with a parent, etc.

I would also say consider the natal 7th house as it’s likely to shed more light on the nature of the focus. If the natal 7th ruler is in the natal 4th, home, family gets pulled in again. Maybe it’s less time spent at home and consequently with the partner. If the natal 7th ruler conjuncts a planet that rules the 10th, maybe the reduction in time spent at home is due to one’s career. Of course, some astrologers believe that the SR chart can be read on its own and there’s no need to consider the natal chart. The decision is yours really.

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