Local Space Charts – Saturn Line

When I worked from home last year, I stationed myself at the dining table, which falls on the Saturn line in my relocated local space chart. I was rather productive.

I subsequently moved back to my study desk in the bedroom. I say I was mostly productive once I settled into the rhythm. The desk falls on the Sun or North Node line – I don’t know which one as I don’t have an accurate floor plan of where I’m living.

Come to think of it, I did make quite a fair bit of money when I worked from the kitchen table as Saturn co-rules the 1st and 2nd relocated houses. Just out of financial interest, I moved back to the kitchen for the past few days where . Work was slow and I didn’t feel well sitting there.

Actually, I haven’t felt the best since the last few days. Perhaps it’s the perfection of transiting Saturn square natal Saturn tomorrow that I’m feeling the influence of. By working from the kitchen, there would be a triple whammy of Saturnian energies.

Not sure whether I’m imagining things. I feel almost lighter while I’m typing this post from my bedroom desk which falls on the Sun/North Node line. A break, a relief for me.

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