Let’s Make a Magic Potion!

The ideas are extracted and based on Donna Cunningham‘s Making Yourself a Birthday Essence at the Solar Return.

This magic portion (all right, it’s not magic per se but you get the idea) helps you to take advantage of the opportunities in the solar year and strengthens you against the challenges.

Here’s the suggested steps to making the potion:

  1. Print out a copy of your solar return chart for the coming solar year. You can get online (google search for it) or from your astrologer.
  2. Set aside at least 15 minutes before and after the exact moment of the solar year i.e. at least 30 minutes
  3. At least 15 minutes before the exact moment of the solar year, put the chart underneath a clear small bowl of spring, mineral or distilled water. For those living in the city, think bottled water.
  4. Focus on the chart and/or meditate on the solar year ahead. If you know how to read your solar return chart, perhaps focus on the house of the Sun, think of any conscious goal(s) you would like to achieve relating to that house in relation to your natal Sun potential. Focus on the tight aspects to the solar return Sun. Look for other chart features e.g. angular planets, natal house placement of the return’s Ascendant. Ask for strength, wisdom, etc when dealing with challenges. And clarity, vitality, etc to maximize opportunities. If you don’t know much about astrology, set your intentions and goals for the coming solar year.
  5. If you wish, you could write your wishes and intentions for the coming solar year and burn them.
  6. The water in the clear bowl is called the mother. Turn the mother into an essence or mother essence by adding either more water. A suggested ratio of mother to water is 1-3 drops of mother for every ounce or 30 ml of water. Alternatively, you could add preservative e.g. brandy, apple cider or vegetable glycerin to the mother instead. A suggested ratio of mother to preservative is 50-50 or 60-40.
  7. Dilute the mother essence into dosage bottles, containers before taking it.
  8. Take as in drink the essence as and when you need it during the new solar year.

For those who are into flower essences or crystal essences, you are essentially making an essence of the cosmic at the time of your solar return i.e. when the transiting Sun moves into the location as that of the Sun when you were born.



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